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THIS GAME IS SO COOL :O i will be coming back to this game frequently 


 got this my first try ! cute game :D 

how did you make the mochi?


I'm pretty proud of this XD this is such a charming game! I've yet to find the secret level but I'm sure I'll crack it eventually lol :p


I love this game!! It's so cute and It helped me train my typing speed! I hope you can make a downloadable version soon ❤❤❤❤


hehe great game as always i love that you added little ingredient hints i beat my old score!! i dueled my cousin and she said maybe you should adjust the countdown for more complicated recipes and i thought it made sense

such a simple and sweet game! i love the general vibe its got going on! it took me a couple of tries to understand it, but once i did i had no trouble with it! i also like that the words arent always common ones, it definitely adds more of a challenge! 

overall, it was fun and i liked it a lot!

Serena loved your game. Here's a video of her playing.

Highlight from TOJam 2021's Open House Stream

Such a wonderful game concept! My mind has been racing ever since I played it last week. I felt like I was learning and mastering a culinary arts skill at the same time. Here's a link to my playthrough :D

Game bugged out after I passed 900 points :( wouldn't let me press enter to combine my weenor and stick and timed me out ;-;

Very fun game though! all the chem and bio terminologies are giving me flashbacks from college.

If possible, can you include a live keystroke feature? Very fun game as is and I will show a bunch of my friends :)

Hi there!~ I just started playing the game a couple of days ago but I love it already. I love the aesthetics and the simplicity of it (maybe because it's like me in that sense). Do add more recipes and I hope I'm not being rude by asking if you could put in a way to access the recipes in the game itself? That's just a suggestion, I love the game regardless and hope to see more!
- With love, RxR.

hello! so shiba cafe in the beginning where you type start my t doesnt work. if you can make a button saaying press start or press enter that would be nice thank you!

hi! oh no, do you mean from your keyboard? shiba cafe is a typing game, so you'll have a hard time playing it without the t even if you get past the start screen :( sorry about that 

is ok


It's been a long while since I've seen a typing game and I absolutely love this! It's just so cute and really made my day. I'll definitely go on and play your other games too!

Aw, thank you so much!! Part of this was definitely to give myself an excuse to type, so I'm really glad you're enjoying it :) hopefully our other games don't disappoint!!


Thank you for this! The art is so cute, and the typing mechanic forces me to practice proper typing skills! I'll definitely be checking out your other games!

aw, thank you!! so glad you're enjoying this - hopefully our other games don't disappoint either :')


This game is so much fun thank you for your blessing in this world

aa thank you so much for playing <3

great game!!! but for some reason i can only give cooked rice when there's something else on the tray? like when i give cooked rice alone it won't accept it

ah!! there's a weird quirk in rice right now where you have to press enter twice (once to "combine it" and once to send it out) since it's both an ingredient and a recipe - we've fixed it on our side already, and it'll be coming out in v1.1 bundled with a bunch of other changes :) 

ooh very nice!! also i love your splatoon icon gif




this score was on my 2nd try omg ;-; i was screaming so loud lskdjfg but man this game is so fun ! great job

omg nice!! so glad you're enjoying it :) 


aah, this game is so nice!! it's very good, i recommended it to some of my friends already, we love this kind of stuff.

good job!! <3 :)

aw, thank you so much <3 super glad you're enjoying it, and I hope your friends are too!!


I'm not an english native, moreover I'm really bad at this. But I think it's far the best game I played in months. Congratulations!!!

woh, what a compliment!! thank you, so glad you're enjoying it :)

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i got this score second try after struggling a bit with the rice :') it was a bit hard because I'm not a native English speaker but it was definitively very fun !! very cute game with a very cool concept 


wah really glad you like it!! congrats on a great score :)


:) gotta remind myself to play this more

yes, please do!! :)

:) it took me a while to get there!

yay, congrats!!


Thank you!

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It is very cute :) but there was a glitch, that i couldnt type. but cool game :)

EDIT: idk whats happening but it doesnt let me type.


gahhhh so cute


it's a super cool game once you get the hang out of the combinations (tip: you can cook some ingredients twice haha)

you may have an advantage as an english native speaker which I'm not so props to me and my 6 finger system honestly, no shame

nice!! definitely no shame at all with that score - it's amazing that you can achieve that without having english as your native language :)

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wow, what an improvement!! :D


creator you have earned my respect.


very cute game! i would reccomend this game to anyone 5stars!

aw, thank you so much!! really happy you like it <3

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pretty cool

pretty cool

I'm pretty proud of this score :)

woah, congrats!! now to break 1000 ;)


done and done

woo, that's awesome!!

I study medicine, so I know many of the later words, which helps a lot

You did a great job with this game :)

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You forgot to add the stick?

Oh I see what your problem is now: YOu don't have to make the cat out of the riceball, you make the riceball and then add the stick and you can combine them directly

Deleted 2 years ago

Looks like there was a mistake in the recipe book, sorry :'o a few things changed around while we were making this but the right one is on there now!!

Love it, a little difficult to figure some out


It's just relaxing, I loved it so, SO much....... I was having a bad day, but now I feel much better, Thank you for the masterpiece.


i love this game way much


aa so glad to hear!! thanks for playing <3

Hey I think theirs a glitch where the text is lower than it should be because when I try to make the rice bowls by typing the word above the rice, it gives me an egg.

Oh no! Do you have a picture of what your screen looks like when that happens? This is how it should look.

Here is a screenshot when I first start the game.

hm, that's weird - it does look like everything has been pushed down. Could you let me know what browser and version you're on, and what device you're using (pc, mac, windows laptop, macbook, etc)?

Using Firefox on windows 10.


Hey how do I start the game?


type "start"

yes this! looks like it takes a bit to load on lower end computers, so if you see a blank screen, just give it a few seconds to pop up - will definitely look to fix that and add a loading bar soon :)



Really cute game!

The art style is so cute and the game itself is relaxing :)

Has nice potential to develop a little more if the devs wants in the future... and for being made in one saturday, its really well done! 

Good job!, and can't wait to see more :D

Wah, thank you so much :')

We're definitely planning to keep working on this, so stay tuned for more soon!!


Dear jub,

This game is amazing, I really like the art style and the way you play it. But I think you made a mistake in the recipe book. There's this one cat that isn't in the recipe book, and I don't know how to make it. So I automatically lose the game when it pops up. Please add it to the recipe book.

Thank you.

Sincerely, randompersonhihello

Hi there!! Thanks so much for playing, really glad you're enjoying it :)

Oh no, super sorry I missed the cat - he's in there now, in his full riceball glory. You can make him by cooking a bowl of rice and combining it with the seaweed!

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